by Tor & the Fjords

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released October 6, 2012


all rights reserved


Track Name: Somewhere
I dreamt that I was flying, so high above the fields
Far above this earthly spinning and the winding of its wheels
I started drifting higher when something caught my eye
The sunlight on a steeple and the people passing by
And shining there among them like the breaking of the day
Was the face of one familiar who I’d thought had gone away
Just at that same moment the sun released its rays
And she turned her eyes towards heaven, and held me in her gaze

Won’t you meet me in the middle, we can fill up empty air
We can walk and talk together, see if we end up somewhere

The first time that I saw her, it was at the harvest ball
She was standing with her father, though I saw him not at all
Her beauty fairly drew me like the tide pulled from the shore
And I held my hand out to her, and we stepped on to the floor

The angels have a ballroom where the dancing never ends
And they twirl and glide forever with the grace that true love lends
In my dream we joined them on that dance floor in the clouds
And though I’m wide awake now, I can hear those notes ring out

I spend my days alone now, and I write my simple songs
But I sing each one in hopes that someone hears and sings along
You’ll pass as I am leaving, and we’ll stop to share the glow
And I’ll still feel you beside me as I go
Track Name: Pacemaker
Midnight breezes bear the truth

Sing into an inclined ear

But you say you want living proof

Just put your first two fingers here

That’s my heart, it beats into my arm

It makes my legs to move, it pumps this song to you

Morning brings the strangest light

Colors we can’t understand

You bleed your dreams into my life

Write your name upon my hand, wash away my best laid plans

That’s my heart, it beats into my arm

It makes my legs to move, it pumps this song to you, song to you

Come take my all, the bedroom and the hall

This room I pace alone, and make this place your own

Hear the whisper in this kiss

Feel the rhythm in your wrist

Breath held by the drummer’s snare

Let it loose and leave me bare, every truth becomes a dare

That’s my heart, it beats into my arm

It makes my legs to move, it pumps this song to you, song to you

You set my watch, so well it never stopped

Then dropped the meter dime, this different drum will learn to beat in time
Track Name: Racecar
Felt so different today

I could feel my feelings start to change

I remembered what to say

Put the pedal to the metal, and I sped away

I'm a racecar, and I'm running for you now

I'm a racecar, that's right

Well I guess that I was wrong

You asked me questions and I could not respond

I was trying to be strong

But I wish that I had spoke up, 'cause when I woke up you were gone


So I roll the windows down

And I look for you in every passing town

And I slowly come unwound

But this car will keep on driving till you're found

Track Name: Carowinds
Open up the packet, add the sugar, then you carbonate
Thinking ‘bout the lobster that your sister and your mother ate
Spend an hour obsessing on the color of your corduroys
Wonder when your cousin’s gonna know if it’s a girl or boy
Run out to the corner where a boombox plays the latest song
Lie in bed awake because she told you that your shoes were wrong
Single strap your backpack when you come around the turn for school
Asking your reflection “Are we ever gonna be cool?”

Hey Mom, I’m really good at something
I’m better than all my friends
Hey Mom, I’m really good at something
I wanna do it again and again

Cleaning off the blackboard, is that what a baby’s mind is like?
Shadows in the mirror look like memories of a past life
Sing into the static where the silence tries to speak again
Learning how to hold on to your own hand when you need a friend
Read another book, maybe a magazine could help you out
Wear a copper bracelet, rub a crystal when you feel doubt
Automatic writing’s gonna help you find the words you need
Carve your morning pages in the wall until you fall free


My daddy's name is Daddy
Mommy's name is Mommy
My sister's name is Poppy
My cat's name is Oatmeal
Oatmeal went to the doctor
She got shooten by a hunter
She was hurt for a long long time
She's not okay yet

Going with the flow can lead you over to the roads that suck
Swallowing the stopper gets you nowhere, and you’re so stuck
Light the roman candle in your hand and watch the fire shoot out
Or put it on the mantle, never talk about it ever
Following the thread, I don't wanna say why
All the things I said, friends I didn't stay by
Things I should've learned in the school line-up
Was it North or South Carolina?
Track Name: Tumbledown
Time will take you, and fade you in the new sun
See the colors run, come out of the water
And I will fake it, until I make it
Pockets pulled and hanging out, walking like a washing machine

I got my stitches out, they were not self-dissolving
It took some help to heal, two medics packing clay
Can you love me more than I've been loved before?
I'm gonna take a try, look up and the blue is breaking


When the weather turned, my ears were full of thunder
There's someone in my car, but all I see is rain
It took me all this time to learn to read the signs
The traffic light turned red, but oh my heart is green


Tumble down (3x)
Broken open in the rapids by the boulders below
Shaken loose of body, when I got it back said "No place like home"
Was all my life just a long night to bring me to this shore?
What's that drumbeat, baby? Show me what these hands are for

Track Name: Real (Demo)
I hung my shirt up on the line
'Cause it was soaked from the sea's brine
Or maybe just 'cause I'd been crying the night before
Someday I'll distill
That salty taste into a pill
So I can summon up at will my missing shore
It don't taste good, it don't taste good
It don't taste good, but that's the price I'll pay to feel
'Cause it tastes real

I've taught myself to savor
Even the bitter flavors
I know my tongue was made for both the sour and sweet
I've learned to call it soothing
When sorrow's rain falls through me
It's then that I know truly what I feel's complete

My love was once a stranger
I only wished to change her
So I would not be blamed for all I held inside
Now I've been broken open
Wide as the widest ocean
With words I should have spoke and teardrop in my eyes
Track Name: Supermelt (Demo)
You took me out, from Lowe’s to Friendly’s

The Waffle House could only watch and wave

Our hearts came free, with happy endings

A quesadilla, a peanut buster parfait

I know we were made for each other

Mixing like a Supermelt, Supermelt, Supermelt

We will be together forever

Tell our grandkids how we fell

I sent a box to your apartment

A gift-wrapped log, for when the nights are long

I love the time, that I can picture

When I’ll arrive with firewood and a song

See the branches burning together

Brighter than a Duraflame, Duraflame, Duraflame

We will be together forever

Always gonna feel the same

You stood behind my trembling shoulder

A twilight sky, a cloud that kissed a star

I hung from you, a constellation

We made a new one, connecting in the dark

I will never fall for another

Always be your satellite, satellite, satellite

We will be together forever

We’re never gonna lose this light
Track Name: In The Garden (Demo)
Two days after love's rose lost its bloom

I picked up the petals that fell in my room

When they dry I will gather the seeds

Plant them in the garden for new flowers to be

Save your pain in a damp paper towel

You never may know if you'll need it again someday

I could be saved by a bigger umbrella

The cool of the day, in the shade of a friend

On the third morning she broke in my room

"Brother mine, come quickly, he's gone from the tomb!"

We ran swift to the cave where He'd lain

God I hope I never feel that empty again


When the rain came my tongue welcomed its wet

Washing out the memories I could not forget

I ran barefoot through soaked streets to you

Look my sister, God has made everything new

Track Name: Pearl (Demo)
When the mirror shines in the night

Do you shield your eyes, turn your face and be blind

To the mysteries left unsolved

‘Cause you hate them all

You don’t have to live in fear of the sun

Running from the things that can’t be undone

You don’t have to disappear from the world

Just find your pearl

When the melody comes out wrong

Do you bite your tongue and never more make a sound

Turning each new bloom into stone

As you roll your own


Push your hands down deep in the dirt

Lift the black box out and pry the lid from the hurt

Let the ship you crashed stay in sight

As you face the light

Track Name: Desert Sky (Demo)
Everyone falls, sooner or later

Love’s gonna find you, and keep you, and change you for the better

So don’t pass it over when it brings you closer to real

I’ll wait on the porch dear, till you come outside

The west wind will blow clear and sweep all the old fears away

Leaving an open desert sky

They told me this town, it ain’t got no center

But I stumbled blind till I finally got there

The voice of your heart can speak through another

Each word rings true like the tape that she made you when you said that you could not love her

I was born in the east, I’ve lived and I’ll die here

But when that sun sets in the west my heart flies there

I want you to be my friend

I want you to be my lover

I want you to be the stars I sleep under

I want you to be my friend, I want you to be my lover

I want you to be the stars I sleep under, desert sky